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【 Start-up business 】How to choose an ideal serviced office for start-up business?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Start-up business  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

Start-up business

How to choose an ideal serviced office for start-up business?

Starting a business is a thrilling journey full of challenges, but choosing a premier business centre like serviced office Mongkok is an easy and wise decision entrepreneurs can make without regret. Premier business centre becomes a popular choice for start-up business thanks to its exceptional value for money, tenancy flexibility and professional image. Start-ups can then focus on pursuing their dreams and expanding their business because they know the serviced offices will have their back. Not surprising, successful start-ups choose their ideal serviced offices considering these five crucial criteria - location, reputation of the service office provider, professional image, flexibility of tenancy terms and additional business support.

location  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

1. Location

Entrepreneurs should consider their serviced office Mongkok to be situated in a prestigious, convenient and accessible location, with a good network of public transportation and amenities such as restaurants and shops.

Location is crucial for any business, and start-up business are no exception. An office is not only a place for business administration but also is a venue for meeting your customers and partners. Customers may hesitate visiting the office if it is far away from the city centre or hard and time-consuming to reach. Some entrepreneurs even find it difficult to hire talented staff to join their companies because non-accessible offices make the start-ups less attractive to employees. Entrepreneurs should not underestimate the power of having a prestigious office in a prime location in Hong Kong, like Mongkok, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. The address on your business cards and websites can add value and reputation in the minds of your customers, bringing more business opportunities.

Good background & Reputation  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

2. Background and reputation of the serviced office provider

Start-up business should choose a serviced office provider with a good reputation and a relatively long history in the industry, in order to reduce the likelihood of having to relocate to other offices due to service provider's poor management and closure. Changing a company's address is not as easy as it may seem. Although the procedures involved are relatively simple, in addition to updating government records, the banks, customers have also to be notified and the address in the marketing materials, like leaflets, catalogues and websites, have to be updated too. The precious entrepreneurs’ time should be spent elsewhere - their ambitious business goal.

Before choosing a serviced office provider, start-ups should do some research on its background, history, and reputation in the industry. Entrepreneurs may even look for reviews and testimonials from their past and current tenants, and any awards or recognitions they have earned.

Flexible Serviced Office Tenancy Terms  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

3. Flexible serviced office tenancy terms

Flexibility is essential for start-up business as they often have limited resources and may not wish to commit to a long-term lease.

An ideal serviced office provider offers flexible tenancy terms, which allow start-ups to rent office space on a short-term basis, such as renewable on a monthly basis, without committing to a long-term contract, depending on the needs of the business. It should also offer easy and hassle-free termination options, if the start-ups business need to vacate the space. When the start-ups grow bigger, upgrading a serviced office is simple - just simply upgrade to a bigger office space at the same address. Entrepreneurs can have complete flexibility and control, without being bound by a long term lease and other services.

business Support  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

4. Additional business support

Apart from the office location and environment, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies can benefit from the additional business support offered by the premier business centres such as corporate secretarial, accounting, and tax, IT and administrative support. These services can help start-up business operate more efficiently, save time, and money and are especially essential to those first-time entrepreneurs who may not be familiar with company operations and government regulations, which may result in unnecessary fines and additional costs. This gives entrepreneurs a peace of mind and allows entrepreneurs to focus on their business without having to worry about handling those trivial matters.

Professional image  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

5. Professional Image

The first impressions of start-up business are of utmost importance as they need to establish credibility and build trust with their customers and partners. An ideal serviced office provider should offer high-quality and trendy office decoration and provide professional office services that create a professional and welcoming environment. The serviced office should be well-designed and equipped with modern and functional furniture, equipment, and facilities. The reception area should be staffed by friendly and professional staff who can provide a warm welcome to visitors and customers and provide reception and secretarial services.

With a low cost, entrepreneurs can enjoy the high-quality decoration and professional services without the burden of hefty labour costs and the hassle of recruiting and training staff. Premiere business centre offers one-stop enterprise services including professional secretarial services, company registration, business advisory, and even the most popular online promotion and website design service to help busy entrepreneurs to handle their business operations easily whilst presenting a more professional image.

A famous saying goes, the first impression is often the last impression. Starting a business requires a good start and choosing the right serviced office is a critical step. Any hiccups at the beginning can ruin the start-up’s business in the long term. Whilst the cost of the serviced office is just one of the factors of consideration, entrepreneurs are suggested choosing the most suitable serviced office solutions based on their business needs and ambitions, and the above mentioned factors to help them grow their business and fulfil their dreams. They should choose a serviced office provider with a proven history of commitment to help entrepreneurs to start business and provide them with full service options at affordable prices. Over the years, PremierBC Serviced Office Mongkok is committed to helping ambitious entrepreneurs to have their dreams come true, and is the answer to all start-ups' needs!

Serviced Office Mongkok  | ideal serviced office | Premier 商務中心

PremierBC Serviced Office Mongkok, situated at the very heart of Hong Kong, offers hassle-free office solutions at affordable prices, and provides the necessary office support to entrepreneurs like you. The serviced office Mongkok has all the furniture and infrastructure you need for your business, such as reception, pantry, telephone lines, broadband, WiFi and meeting rooms. You can start using the office right away and simply focus on your core business. When your business scales up, you can always relocate to a bigger office in the same business centre at the same address. Moreover, the Premiere Business Centre’s prestigious location impresses your customers and paves the way for your business's bigger success.

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