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Is Serviced Office A Good Idea?


Is Serviced Office A Good Idea?

If you're seeking a new location for your business, serviced office can provide everything you need, lowering upfront costs and eliminating the stress of filling an empty office space. In corporate metropolises like Hong Kong, businesses are discovering many benefits a serviced office can provide. In this blog, you can discover serviced office is able to cover all your business needs and opening doors for expedited growth like never before.

What Is Serviced Office?

Serviced office is a rentable space provided to companies containing all the furniture, office equipment, computers, and more necessary for conducting business. Unlike coworking spaces, serviced offices provide companies with their own private rooms and facilities. You can also enjoy the freedom to customize the space as you see it fits. Having an office with all the required furniture and equipment saves businesses significantly, helping keep overhead costs low and productivity high.

Advantages Of Serviced Offices


Since a serviced office includes all the furniture and equipment necessary to run your business, you can begin to work immediately. These spaces also include utilities and extra rooms for confidential meetings, making them ideal to setup for any business.


With a serviced office, you can often rearrange rooms to meet your company's needs, creating a cohesive flow that encourages productivity. Many agreements also allow for the acquisition of additional rooms, a welcomed addition for growing businesses.


Serviced offices provide excellent privacy, giving the peace of mind for all your business dealings. With your own workspace, you would never have to worry about the outside interference, which makes you comfortable to conduct confidential work.


Buying your own workspace is complicated and it can be expensive. However, renting a serviced office is much easier and cost-effective, allowing you to begin working faster and minimizing lost revenue.

It's clear to see that renting a serviced office is an brillant option for your business, but how do you know which one to choose? It's vital you select a professional, fair, and highly rated landlord you can trust.

PremierBC Serviced Office

Premier Business Centre is one of the most trusted serviced office providers in Hong Kong. We pride ourselves in supplying well-equipped, clean, and flexible office space to local businesses. Our standout serviced offices include everything you need to run your business successfully, including:

  • 24/7 smart card access with digital surveillance

  • Fully furnished offices

  • Broadband internet and WiFi service

  • Telephone and fax lines

  • Fax to email service

  • Receptionist service

  • Mail and courier handling service

  • 24-hour electricity

  • 24-hour individual air conditioning

  • Management fee and government rates

  • Daily housekeeping service

  • Wet pantry and light refreshments

At Premier Business Centre, we provide hassle-free packages with customized payment plans that save you time and money, making it easier than ever to get your business up and running. We provide startups and established companies alike with a cost-effective, fully-equipped office space so you can focus on scaling your business. Now you can have the office space you've always dreamed of that meets your needs and allows your business to reach its full potential.

Perfect for start-up businesses or corporations. Looking for OFFICE? Contact Us!

Premier Business Centre

Address:Kwong On Bank Mongkok Branch Building, No.728-730 Nathan Road,Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong(2 Mins Walk From Mong Kok MTR Station Exit B3)

Contacts:+852 3953 1600

WhatsApp: +852 5548 0715

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